Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Duhat picking

I made a panungkit (gaff) with a plastic catch (or basket) for picking duhat or black plum in English, according to Google. 

Duhat is available only during summer. It is one of the fruits we used to enjoy only dring summer together with sampalok,siniguelas, aratiles, camachile etc.

Now, I see these local fruits rarely and they are replaced by imported fruits like apple, oranges, grapes,etc. fruits that are foreign to us back when I was young.

When I was small there were many vendors selling duhat at almost every street corner here in Estrella. We bought them by the cupcfuls and shook them in salt and ate them till our teeth turned black. Now I couldn't even find one.

Anyway, this panungkit  was too flimsy. I could not even hook a single duhat.

I made a new one and I made sure it's sturdy enough for the job.I used an aluminum wire that I used for wiring my bonsai trees. For the basket, I used a plastic pot.

This is better.

It's not only the eating that's enjoyable, it's also the picking.

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