Friday, August 26, 2016

Pak Ganern and the pusher is a lady

Keep them busy with the TV.
Pak Ganern is a clapping game invented by Vice Ganda in the noontime show "It's Showtime". It's so popular that it drives me nuts to see my pupils playing the game during lunch break. I have nothing against the game it's just that the clapping and the laughing disturb my nap. So, lately I gave up stopping my pupils from playing Vice Ganda's invention that I just turn on the TV to keep them busy. If the TV doesn't work, I ask my pupils to play in  the hall.

The game became popular especially among children, a testimony to Vice Ganda's popularity.

crazy as satan
What is Pak Ganern? Lately there's this FB post going around explaining that "Pak Ganern" is two Latin word "Paccracius" and "Ganri" which means "you are inviting satan to be with you eternally.  I'm curious so I googled what "paccrassius" and I'm not surprised to see that it means broom. So, this Latin etymology theory is nothing but a hoax perpetrated by people who, according to Ethel Booba, is possessed by Satan.  

It's obvious that this paccrassius thing was started by some homophobic fundamentalist church people who always find satanic meaning in everything. A few years back there's this backward masking phenomenon where it says that rock and heavy metal songs contain satanic incantations when played backwards. This was a big thing then that pulpits used backward masking to attack rock and metal songs. Of course this is already debunked because what they are really doing is putting meaning in gibberish and not taking out meaning from it.


I am a passionate supporter of Pres. Digong's drug war. The reason is that in our neighborhood shabu is openly sold and used. To live with neighbors who sold drugs is unsettling especially when strangers on motorcycle come and go in the middle of the night and disturb the peace of the neighborhood. What is infuriating is that they do this with impunity because they know the community cannot do anything.  Fear or pakikisama is what they count on.

With the onset of operation tukhang here in Taytay, it's comforting to see policemen knocking on drug pushers and users doors to ask them to surrender. I am not using the word "suspected" here because everyone in the community knew these people are pushers and addicts. They are guilty as hell because many members of the community actually see them sell, buy and use shabu. They look the part, haggard, broken teeth, malnourished, teeth gnashing.

Of course there's this legal doctrine which states that a man is innocent until proven guilty by the court. This is crap for non lawyers like me because this very doctrine is used by criminals to evade and even escape the law. Even when criminals are caught red handed, with the entrails and the bile dripping from their hands, they could always invoke this doctrine and employ lawyers to defend them. The law is full of technicalities that good lawyers are defined not by what they know about laws but what holes they can find in laws. It's not unusual to see criminals walk off because of some unmet requirements in the  police and court process like not informing the accused of his rights, the miranda thing.

The foreign media is portraying the war on drug as if SS Gestapos are knocking on doors and then shooting people on mere suspicion. They are comparing our campaign to what happened in Indonesia where the country's drug campaign was used by the people in power to eliminate political foes as well as to settle personal vendetta.

It's still a long way to go but the important thing, the one that is felt by the community, is that my drug pusher neighbor's midnight visitors has stopped. Yes, the pusher is a lady.

I am still waiting for her to get arrested.

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