Thursday, May 08, 2014

Walking blah, blah, blah...

Taken at highway 2000.We begin at 4:30am and usually
ends at 6:30. We cover about six or eight kilometers
 a day.
I don't know where my wife gets her energy. She's up at four in the morning, takes a bath, prepare instant coffee for us and then wakes me up for our morning walk. She still has the energy to do household chores. I do my part too but she's more energetic. 

We have been doing walking for years now. During school days, we do our walking in the afternoon, and since this is summer, we are taking advantage of the morning sun. It's nice to see the sun rising and feel the radiance... poetic. 

Watermelon season.
She's been trying to help me manage my weight and my high blood pressure. She controls my rice intake which sometimes work but most of the time it doesn't especially if the viand is is irresistible like talong and bagoong, sinigang sa miso, laing, etc..

She encourages me by telling me that I'm not really fat and that my only problem is my protruding belly other wise, especially looking from behind, she tells me that I looked normal. Good thing I married someone who knows my love language: words of affirmation. 

I love watermelons. I can eat one whole in ones sitting.
Of course that means being immobile for an hour or two.
Exercising is good whatever time of the day, but morning is the best time to do it because it jump starts the body and increases metabolism better than any other time of the day.

Diet must compliment exercise. I try my best to control my food intake. It is easier to regulate eating during regular meals, but what is difficult is to control the impulsive-compulsive urge to eat junk foods because most of the time it is done unconsciously or subconsciously. Because of the ads, my mind is already conditioned to respond to every hunger pangs with chips, candies, chocolates, softdrinks etc. I'm trying my best to kill hunger pangs with water, drown em!

She looks younger than me. It must be because she has a
good looking, loving, kind, husband. What other explanation
 is there? he...
I haven't counted the number of times I stood up from the computer chair to buy junk food and soft drink, then sit down again to continue whatever it is I'm doing., It must be a lot. What is troubling is that often this is done without even really thinking about it. I'm conscious of it of course, but there's something automatic
about it.

I think about our only daughter, how it will be better and more fun to have  her join us in our daily walks. My wife and I try our best to encourage her to join and she sometimes says yes, but when it comes to waking her up, it's like trying to revive a corpse.

We can't force her, she's still growing up.

Anyway, it's Wednesday, laundry day, I'm in charge of cooking lunch...

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