Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Walis ting-ting

Boredom led me to cutting coconut leaves.
I had nothing to do yesterday. I was bored.

Boredom is my worst enemy. It has made me do the stupidest things like bathing inside a drum or cooking an extraordinary spaghetti or blogging awfully.  

If the Bible teaches us that the "love of money is the root of all evil", I believe boredom is right within the vicinity of this adage like, maybe: "boredom is the root of all the crazy things that people do."

Anyway, I asked a neighbor to help me cut down the coconut's leaves that were already trespassing into our neighbor's property. I was also worried that come rainy season, the palms could damage the electric cables running between them.
Music,thinking about nothing, and cleaning the leaves, for
more than four hours until my fingers turned green.
It took a few minutes of hacking and pulling and about an hour of stories. Well, he was an old neighbor and this was the first time, for a long time, that we had had a talk, reminiscing and all that stuff. 

What should I do with the leaves?

How long has it been since I really sat down and did something boring?

I turned on the radio, as usual RJ FM, sat down and started making brooms out of the coconut leaf sticks.

All that hours and only this?
I started at nine in the morning; my wife left to do something with her sister. I stopped at twelve noon. I lost track of time listening to the music, cleaning the sticks and thinking about nothing until my stomach grumbled and the heat of the sun became unbearable.

I never thought it's possible to have fun by not thinking about things and at the same time doing something monotonous. But I did pass the time doing something productive without really being mindful of things and stuffs, How long has it been since I really had time to enjoy time? Well...

I ate, slept (I could even hear myself snore) and woke at three thirty and continued making the broom until five o'clock. My wife came home and was surprised to find that I was still doing what I was doing when she left. 

Anyway, don't complain about the price of walis ting-ting. It's tedious to make one.

Where's the ignition switch?

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