Thursday, August 02, 2007

Death Shall Have no Dominion

It was raining and me and my daughter had nothing to do. I saw this dead mouse lying under my computer table, a victim of rodenticide, and something popped in myhead...I saw "Solaris" a sci-fi movie starring George Clooney and Clooney was reciting this poem by Dylan Thomas and I thought, why not.

A good bongding activity with my daughter, I should say.


Jayred said...

What a big rat!

This was some kind of attempt at black humor, right? If yes, it worked. LOL.

joey said...

I guess it's an attempt at black humor. LOL

The place is getting worst. nung bata pa kami e dagang bukid lang ang nakikita namin, at pede pang kainin. Now big house rat infested the area. They come with the squatters who invaded what once was a quiet beautiful green rice field.

Jayred said...

Joey, what's dalagang bukid? Sorry for the ignorance.

The rats have also invaded our subdivision in Las Pinas. Once, my brother shot one of them in my Mom's garden using my father's rifle (like in the movies, LOL).

George said...

Jayred mouse lang ito siguro mga 2 inches lang ang haba. Dagang bukid yun yung mga wild na big rats. They look the same as your ordinary giant house rats kaya lang they are considered palatable because they eat plants or natural foods.When we were young we let loose our pet dogs to hunt them.I haven't tasted one but some say they tasted like chicken.

Tawa ng tawa wife ko ng makita yung video. Eniway, I'm crazy, sometimes.