Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How to beat the heat with limited budget while promoting water conservation and at the same time providing nutrient to my plants.

Showing off my "muscles and abs."
I have been hearing warnings about the dimishing water level in Angat Dam and the possibility of water rationing if the current rate of depletion continues and if no rain comes to replenish the water.

The dam supplies 97 percent of the water here in Metro Manila and also provides irrigation to many provinces in Central Luzon. 

The dam management had reduced the water quota and I noticed that the water pressure in the faucet decreased considerably. The probability of rationing is high and it is only proper to be prepared. So, I took out our old drum and stored water in it just in case there's water disruption at least I saved enough water to wash my butt for a few days.
I thought of inviting my wife inside but with my
"muscles and abs", we would not fit in. 

But it was so hot this afternoon that I could not resist the temptation to baptize myself. I took out a chair snd used it as a ladder and then stepped into the drum.

It was so relaxing but I could not stay for long because I was thinking about the internet 24 hour unlimited prepaid load, time is running and its kind of waste to let go of those internet minutes.

Anyway, of course, I am aware of the government's call to save water. Unlike inflatable rubber pools, drums occupy little space and so it is not necessary throw away the water to deflate to recapture space. 

Afternoon, I watered our plants. I used the water in the drum.This is hitting two birds with one stone:

1.I had relief from the heat and enjoyed myself. 

2. This water contains most of the necessary nutrients for promoting plant growth. 

3. I saved more water by using manual water sprinkler than by hosing the plants.

Hmmmmm...what if the plants die due to water poisoning...

(Grammar is killing me!)

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