Thursday, May 08, 2014

How to cook Spaghetti de la pobre con sardinas ala cham

I have here minced carrots, chopped garlic and onion, red bell pepper, and  sliced mushroom (it's a left over from Christmas but I'm sure it is not yet expired. I checked the date.).

No exact measurement, estimates will do. That's why its called a la cham, by the way.

Be sure the oil is very hot. Don't dip your finger or it will be seared and it could fall off. (I mean not instantly, it might get infected and become gangrenous etc.) , 

Test the oil by dropping a piece of garlic and if the oil reacts violently, that's hot enough. 

Put the carrots, garlic, mushroom, bell pepper into the frying pan. In no particular order, just throw them together and saute for about five minutes or so.

This is the sardines. Don't forget to open the tin can first or else you might end up cooking tin cans. Put the sardines in a bowl and then mash with a fork. Add ground pepper, laurel leaves and salt.

Mix well. The pepper is to add spice while the laurel is for aroma and the salt is for saltiness...what else...

Maybe chefs especially the doctors study these stuffs: the chemistry and alchemy of ingredients, the ergonomics of kitchen utensils, kitchen architecture, hygienics of pork and chicken surgery, botany and anatomy of plants and animals, Latin, ethics of food preparation, bacchanalian theology, herbology, food preservation, etc.

I believe cooking and education are the two builders of civilization: nourishment for the body and nourishment  for the mind...

I added some dried oregano for a weirder taste. If you have basil, add basil for a much weirder taste.

Before putting the pasta, add sugar. Here I put about half a cup of brown sugar. I like my spaghetti sweet and in this case, the sweetness needs a little exaggeration to cover up the fishy-metallic taste of canned sardines and to give it the jollibee-ishness.

My wife loves it. She says it tastes like  Jollibee sardines spaghetti.

For dessert, I prepared watermelon float.

By the way, a la cham is French for a la chamba.

Of course, I washed the dishes.

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