Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clay pots vs.Plastic Pots

With time, it becomes dirty, faded and brittle.
A couple of months ago I bought two pieces of plastic pots for 40 pesos each from a store that sells Chinese goods here in Taytay, Rizal. 

I noticed that pots were oily and the color or dye was still wet. I am not a chemist but I believed, judging from the smell and the texture, this oily stuff was toxic. The fact that its from China was another indicator that it was most probably toxic chemical.

I planted an aloe vera in a new plastic pot and I noticed that it's growth was not as vigorous and it looked sickly compared to other plants planted in clay pots. So, I re-potted the aloe and as expected, it improved.

A living and breathing pot. It becomes one with
the plant and the earth.
So, for your plants health, I recommend you wash your newly bought plastic pots with soap and sand to remove this oily stuff, and let it dry. After drying, smell it; if the funny smell is still there, wash and dry again until the oily and smelly stuff is gone. This maybe a lot of effort, but remember this is for your plants' health.

Or better yet, start using clay pots.


Clay pots are better than plastic pots. For one, clay pots are cheaper (depends on style) than plastic pots. Of course,one disadvantage of clay pot is that it breaks easily but with care it can outlast plastic pots. Plastic pots on the other hand fades and becomes brittle when exposed to the sun.

But the best argument for using clay pots is that it is organic. Plastic pots are synthetic; they do not breathe. 

What I love about clay pots is that they become alive too. This is what plastic pots cannot be. After a few weeks of watering, clay pots start to turn green with algae growth. The algae traps and conserves moisture and it encourages the growth of grasses and mosses. I even have pots with ferns growing on it! 

I'm starting to use clay pots more and more and refraining from using plastic pots. I am not buying them anymore. Would you wear plastic clothes?

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