Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rain thoughts

I love rain. Looking out the window of my classroom, I can see the rain falling on the trees making the branches dance as if welcoming the blessing from heaven, serenity.

I am blessed to have a room on the third floor overlooking greeneries and trees.

Last year, my classroom overlooks dense residential area that all I could see were rusting GI roofs, concrete walls and people. Now the view is better, relaxing to the eye; the breeze is fresh, too.

So, I am here alone in the classroom listening to Carlos Santana’s Europa (a song that smelled like joint, according to one you tube comment) while writing this, listening to the rain as it falls on the roof, looking at the leaves of the narra trees as they sway with the tempo of the falling rain.

I am imagining bad things. A couple of years ago, this kind of weather would have been an ideal time to drink gin (or beer) and chat with my buddies while singing to April Boys videoke hits and chewing on half cooked fishballs soaked in vinegar-chili sauce. I remember there were times we drink gin  under the pouring rain and did some mud wrestling. It was fun but when we woke up in the morning, we not only have hang-over we also had colds.The thought made me miss my drinking buddies, but most of them have already mellowed down and are active in their churches while a few have already  died because of alcoholism.

Rain, rain...it has been raining for a week now.

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