Monday, October 08, 2007

Duetos de sintunados/Seek ye first

My 8 year old daughter playing Seek ye First on the bamboo flute. My wife took the video using a celphone. Look at my daughter's eyes, she was giving my wife the look because my wife was smiling everytime my daughter hit a flat note.

I hope my daughter will take music more seriously than her father.


Jayred said...

Galing! Father and daughter team.

Funny about your daughter looking at her Mom when she hit the flat notes.

I like this song, btw. A great reminder for me today. Thanks, George.

Wish I were more disciplined in playing the piano....

George said...

It's not too late Jayred :-)

Joey said...

it's never too late Jayred until... well after tendinitis. =p

Jayred said...


As if you read my mind, Joey!