Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I am beginning to feel the stress of the opening of classes. My daughter’s first year high school tuition fee almost gave me a heart attack. The down payment alone cost me a whole month salary excluding books, uniforms and school supplies. I stopped counting…

 I am waiting for the inevitable: asthma attacks. The change from summer to the rainy season is already happening. One hour it is blistering hot, the next hour it’s raining very hard. The humidity is also starting to bother me; the water in the air is encouraging the growth of molds and other microscopic plants that trigger allergic reactions.

When my boss informed that I will be teaching Music and English this school year (of course things can and do change), I am now forcing myself to study Filipino folk-songs and attempting to arrange some of them for the solo guitar. There are surprises because some of the pieces are very good for the guitar.

Pressured because I will be one of the discussant in the Summer Enhancement Program for Teachers...fancy name for the district seminar that will be held this Monday-Friday. I am part of the Music team...more or else I will do more guitar playing than discussing.Our chief is planning to have a band present during the seminar, it is also possible that I may be playing bass guitar, too. I hope that the band will sound like a band. I haven't played in a band, except for jamming with the church band, for years now. I don't know if I still have the "it".

Que se ra...

So, the Philippine Navy is planning to acquire a submarine by the year 2020. Why is it, that I think this is not a good idea. A submarine is very, very expensive for our navy. It’s not that I don’t want our navy to have one, but let’s face it we do not need a submarine because we cannot afford it yet. What the navy immediately needs is ships, boats, helicopters, planes to guard our coasts and to conduct rescue operations. The navy does not even have ships capable of operating in the open blue seas; all they have are patrol boats and WWII landing crafts.

Hmmmm...submarine hotdog.

Justin Bieber held a concert here in Manila and many young Filipinos were disappointed by the snobbery of the Bieber. There was a video showing Justin elbowing a fan asking for an autograph. Also, he did not attend the post concert party which disappointed his fans.  Of course, many were hurt by Bieber's actions because of their naivety. Also, many defended Bieber's actions because of their naivety and lack of sense.

The sweet baby, baby, baby image that Bieber projects to his fans is an illusion. The guy is a performer. He  sells himself to the audience, and the fans should not think that the cute, smiling and boy next door image that Justin projects  is the real him.   

The fans must somehow separate the reel from real. They pay him for his performances and that is it—he performs. If they want Justin to be nice and accommodating to them…hello…hello…For all I know, the guy hates all of his fans for their gullibility and ....  

I was listening to the news when I heard a comment by Garcia’s lawyer that a plea bargain agreement mounting to a hundred fifty million pesos does not in any way indicate guilt. I almost threw what I was eating at the TV set. Of course, I do not blame the lawyer for making the statement because it is sworn duty to defend his client at whatever cost it takes. Also he knew the technicalities of the law than a stinking-armchair-pseudo-expert like me. 

But I can’t help asking, where did General Garcia get the 150 million to offer the government in exchange for a downgrading of his case from plunder to bribery? 

Nobody is buying the story that guy is born rich.

Lawyers amaze me for their mastery of the art of prevarication.


Almost three years of blogging, yet my writing, grammar, mechanics still sucks ...boink, boink....

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