Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Rage

(Beep beep to my friend at the Taytay MPDC –nothing personal, just venting my irritation.)

On my way to the bank to encash my pitiful midyear benefit which is just enough to pay for my daughter’s school books and uniforms, my motorcycle was stopped by a septuagenarian traffic aide. I don’t know if it is wise to employ our lolo’s as traffic aide, but that’s another article.

Anyway, instead of stopping, I revved my motorcycle and climbed the sidewalk so that I could pass through traffic. Guess what’s the cause of the traffic jam? There is an ongoing excavation by the government to improve and rehabilitate the non-existent (how can you improve what is non-existent in the first place?) drainage canals in Taytay.

In the name of Odin and all the warriors of Valhalla why, oh, why is the excavation being done now when it is already the beginning of the rainy season and the start of the classes? The best time to do road diggings is during the summer around the last week of March to the last week of May when the canals are not filled with water. Dig during the rainy season and the canals will be full of septic water. This will not only make the digging difficult but it will also expose the road workers to diseases and other health risks.

With the opening of classes and the influx of students going to school, traffic will become heavy. This is normal; this is the pattern. This is regular. This is predictable. This happens every year for the last thousand years.

Blah,blah,blah,blah,…I don’t know the reason, I don’t know the technicalities, but isn’t it obvious that the government should schedule its digging program where the flow of traffic is minimal and that is during summer when there are no student and teachers commuting to and from schools.

Looking at the Crawler Digger occupying a lane, jack hammering the concrete creating noise and dust and spewing black smoke

Why, now...

Imagine the traffic jam next week!

Kahit anong tuwid ng daan kung jinajack hammer at hinuhukay ng wala sa panahon, di rin tayo makaka-ahon.

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