Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lax sessions and projections

We had a lax session this morning. That’s what my co-teachers called it-lax session. I don’t know if it’s lacs or lax or an acronym of some sort. Anyway, I thought to myself…hhhmmmm…..lax session rhymes with relax session. So, I came into the session wearing shorts and slippers. I like shorts and slippers. I don’t like dressing up except when preaching. Anyway, the session was actually some sort of a planning meeting. Again, I was reprimanded by the principal for my lack of decorum. I apologized went home and changed. My apologies to my boss...(talagang pasaway itong si Horhe!)

Hmmm…From now on, I will observe what my co teachers are wearing. If they are wearing plaited and pressed pants and shirts, It’s time for me to wear my old second hand Puma shoes and the authentic third hand Levis pants.

Discussed in the meeting was the school’s poor performance last year.  I have only been in the school for less than a year but I feel I have contributed to the poor performance. Though English, one of the subjects I taught last year did not do badly.

Anyway, figures speak for themselves; we need to do better this school year. The -18 % drop in the average performance is troubling. One of my theories for the drop is that the teachers were distracted by too many events held in the school. Of course it’s just one of the factors and there are thousands of them—just a theory.

I am assigned to teach music this year. What is scary is that I will be teaching all the grade six sections. I am the sole MSEP teacher for the grade level. (I was assigned to teach music because I could play the guitar, read notes etc. But I did not study music at all; I am a language major.) The subject's performance rating last years was 40.97 percent. The principal is asking to raise the percentage to the 80 percent in the next four years. This means I have to somehow, magically or supernaturally raise the rating to at least eight per cent per annum for the next four years! How to do this?

My projection is that I need to have formalin injection…I’ll just teach, enjoy and do what is fun. No fancy stuff.

I’m thinking about continuing my graduate studies. Though I am envious of my co-teachers who are promoted because they met the required units, the thought of sitting down for nine hours listening to reports and lectures lulling me to sleep outweigh the desire to earn MA units. I’m thinking about it but nahhhh…too boring for me. Maybe when the time has come when I have become bored with teaching, I will study. Or, maybe when I become too bored, I will leave teaching and pursue other things like selling fish ball or scavenging.

Who knows what boredom will make me do…

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