Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RH Manny

The RH bill debate is getting hmmm…more exciting and bizarre as the days pass by. What made the debate more interesting is that Manny Pacquiao joined the fray by openly giving his support to the anti-RH bill. I admire Manny for his boxing skills, no doubt about it. I even respect his business acumen and political savvy, but there are two things that Manny should not dive into for the obvious reasons: singing and the debate on the RH bill.
I will not discuss Manny’s singing because anyone who has that kind of money can sing any song he likes as badly as may be, record any albums he wants and buy them all to show they sell, I mean he has the money. His singing cannot hurt anyone.
But the RH bill…I agree with many Filipinos when they say that Manny is being hypocritical because his own wife openly admitted that she used contraceptives to limit her pregnancies. 

Watching Manny conduct debate at congress…I mean he is making a fool of himself. I am not saying that Manny does not have the intellectual prowess to process the issues, what I am getting at is that Manny should treat politics as seriously as he treat his boxing. He should enter the hall intellectually and mentally prepared. He should not go to the congress with a poorly written script and inaccurate data because he will be minced on the floor. 

Enough of Manny…

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