Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting dizzy with Mara Clara, etc.

I am getting dizzy with Mara Clara. Though I am not an avid follower, I cannot help but watch the soap opera because it is my wife’s favorite show. We have one TV, so, even passive watching, or just hearing, I somehow follow the story …err…or the story zigzag line.

The story revolves around two families. The story can be summarized this way: The antagonist swaps family members with the protagonists (or the other way). Then following week, there is another swap of family member, then another week, another member of the family is swapped, then another week, the family member returns, then another week another family member returns, then another week, the same family member leaves…so when I missed on episode, I get confused. “What is she doing with that family?” I asked my wife “isn’t she the enemy?” And the explanation begins.

Watching Mara Clara is like watching table tennis. Ping, pong, ping, pong…Pinoy soap opera is amazing for its inanity. One reason why the country is still poor--the soaps sedate the Filipinos...

There is an ad on the showing a Muslim man sitting on a motorcycle texting while passersby look at him suspiciously suspecting him of being a terrorist. While this is happening, a little girl runs towards the man happily showing her report card. The man smiled and hugs his daughter.

The ad is very timely and it hits the viewers where it should, in the heart. 

There was an incident that I witnessed one afternoon that showed the ignorance and lack of sensitivity of some of Filipinos on religious matters. (I am guilty of this because I like bashing religions too in this blog). There was a knife wielding butcher challenging the Muslim DVD vendor to a duel. I overheard that the butcher was angry because his daughter’s feet was caught by a drainage cover in front of the Muslim man’s stall. Everybody was whispering that the Muslim had nothing to do with the accident but the butcher was fuming with anger shouting that he was not afraid of any Muslim. 

I was shaking my head while hoping that all the Muslim in the area would pounce upon the man and beat him till the guy lost his consciousness so that he would get what he was looking for. But the Muslims were apologetic. They spoke softly and treated the guy with respect. I didn’t know what the butcher was thinking, but if he was thinking that if the Muslims took his challenge his Christian brothers would aid him, he was wrong. Given the chance, I would be the first one to kick and crush his reproductive organs.

TVs should not only be bombarded with consumer goods, it could also be used to make people aware of social issues like intolerance and bigotry.

 Really Mommy D is so funny. I see her face on TV again and I can’t help but admire her for her defense of Manny. Go, go Mommy D. I admire Senator Miriam too because she did not lash back  at Mommy D. with her trademark insults.  Wag gagalitin ang inahing manok!

The news is filled with footages of schools getting ready for the opening of the classes. Though excited about the opening of the school year, but I am more excited about my daughter who is now in high school. My wife and I are discussing the adjustments that our daughter would have to make. 
Come to think of it…it is us who needs to adjust because our daughter is not a little girl anymore.
Hmmmmmm……..I need to fetch my daughter from Baguio this week.

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