Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seminar, Pnoy, Mommy D

I had a lot of fun with the teacher’s summer enhancement seminar where I was part of the MSEP team. I was one of the discussant in Music. This was an honor considering that I am new in the service. The seminar was fun because of the singing and the dancing. Before each session we sang children song that sometimes became so hilarious that we burst out laughing while singing. We had the most fun singing round songs.
Yesterday we discussed music. Though some of the parts were boring especially the theories, but the seminar went well. The teachers learned the basic symbols and theories in music. We had exercises on note reading and melody. I got tired playing the bass guitar, but I had fun accompanying the teachers with their presentations.

This day we discussed basic folk dance patterns. But instead of CD players, the practice sessions were done with the live accompaniment of guitar and bass music. There were a lot of stepping and hopping that the old wooden floor of the school building was shaking. We were afraid that floor would collapse, but the floor held. Although I tried to learn the steps too, unfortunately I did not have the coordination and the grace to learn the skill.

What made the seminar fun was the sight of hmmm... mature teachers dancing and singing. There were a lot of heckling and name callings from the younger teachers. There were few who could not relate with the discussions but in general, the spirit was high except in the afternoons because the teachers energy has ebbed.

Other teachers and principals commented that our class was the most enthusiastic. What did they expect from English, Filipino and TBR sessions…booorrriiinnnggg.

Tomorrow we will be discussing Physical Education. I expect lots of laughter becuase the older teachers would be made fun of.

Hmmmm…I don’t want to be accused of being a gossip, but I can’t help myself from thinking of unthinkable things. 

I was watching the news when I saw a picture of President Noynoy Aquino with a new date watching a reunion concert of the Hotdog Band. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with our president dating because he is single and very much available. But here’s my theory: I think this dating thing is a media campaign to promote the president’s macho…err…I think the term macho is already an anachronism…It’s a campaign to promote the president’s masculinity…err…I am not implying that he is effeminate or feminine, but the president has been criticized as having no ….what do you call the round things that children play… because of his wavering and indecisive stand about the RH Bill. 

It was reported that the Hotdog date was the president’s fourth date (or attempt at a relationship). 

The RH debate getting more and more weirder by the day. Sen. Miriam challenged Pacquaio to a match. Of course, the senator is just being herself when she challenged the boxing champ, but she has a point. Boxing is a different thing from being lawmaking. Anyway, what is crazy is that mommy Dionisia has joined the circus. Mommy was so mad that she lost her composure in front of the camera.

I gotta hand it to the senator. Miriam showed the better side of herself by not telling Mommy Dionisia that she was a fungus faced microbe with the intellect of a mold and that she should stuff her Hermes bag down her…

Manny was happy because her mother defended her. What could I say but…that’s what moms are for.

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