Monday, March 21, 2011

For two weeks, I was not able to go walking because I was sick. So, this afternoon, after work, I got back to my usual afternoon routine: walking. I walk everyday for an hour, which is about 5-8 kilometers, depends on how fast I walk. I like walking because aside from the exercise, I also got to observe people, which is difficult to do if I am, running. Well…anyway, here are some of my observations.
  • 1. The overweight and the obese run the hardest. I see them almost everyday sweating, their extra baggage bouncing up and down and sometimes sideways, too, thinking they could lose all that fat instantly. (I have extra fats too!)I usually give them a day or two. Chances are, I would not see them again. Sometimes they come back to try again, but they usually don’t. I can only imagine their pains and aches when they wake up in the morning. Ouuuchhhh…sometimes I am tempted to tell them to first try walking for a month. It is better to walk for ten minutes a day that to run intermittently. Running is not good for the overweight and the obese, it could damage the ligaments (or whatever they call the soft matter that acts as shock absorbers between the joints) in their knees and feet.
  • 2. Joggers who run with their pet dogs have more fun. They play catch with their dogs. The dog runs after them, or they run after the dogs. I tried this once when our Labrador was still alive and it was fun. Unfortunately, when the Labrador got tired, I had to carry it home. It was exhausting because the Labrador was not a small dog. And the other thing, people looked at me suspiciously…I could only imagine what they were thinking. Not to mention the dog sh…I had to watch out for. ..Labradors have big poopooo.
  • 3. I once saw a family in a tricycle with bikes tied on its roof. I knew that the last thing that they would do was to exercise, they were there for a picnic. They did some warm up and stretching routine. The parents then jogged. The kids pedaling behind them on their bicycles laughing. After a few laps, they brought out the food and then ate. They gained more than what they have lost…but at least they had quality time.
  • 4. Lovers are fun to watch. They are sweet, holding hands while running or walking. I sometimes do this with my wife, holding hands while walking, but after a few laps, she always had to take a pee. So, I discourage her to come with me walking. I tell her to just go to the gym and do her work out there. We are not that young anymore...but seeing teen agers and married young couples jogging or walking together...sweet....couples who exercise together stay together...(sorry Fr. Peyton).
  • 5. Stroke victims. I try not to look at them, but I can’t help it. Something in my head kept telling that it is better to exercise now than to exercise when I already suffered a stroke. I can’t help it. Looking at the stroke victims trying their best to walk, dragging their invalid leg, an arm hanging limply, makes me conscious of my health. To think that some of them are my age. Sad but true.
Walking works for me because it’s the only exercise I can do regularly. It is cheap, no equipment necessary and its not that painful. Also, walking promotes mental activity. My favorite philosopher Nietzsche once said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” Or, in my case, all inane thoughts are conceived by walking!

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