Friday, March 25, 2011

Ligot arrested

I just heard from the news that General Ligot was arrested by the senate sergeant-at-arms. He was arrested because the senators were fed up with his stone walling. This time the senators are giving Ligot a taste of his own medicine; they are stone walling him, literally, in the senate detention center.

I just hope that Ligot would tell the truth so that the other generals involved with conversions could be persecuted with the full force of the law. Of course, this is easier said than done considering the depth, the height and the width of conspiracy of corruption in the AFP. Also Ligot and his wife would have to return their loot, which they will not do. I wonder, at their age, how are they going to spend all that money. How are they going to live in all those houses? Now that Ligot is detained in a 4x7 room without a window with the possibility of his wife joining him there, and the possibility that they could be there indefinitely, I wonder if there is even an iota of remorse in the couple's heart. I wonder if they could even look at their grandchildren; I wonder if they even thought about their future. Will these children appreciate the security that stolen money will provide for them? I wonder if all that stolen money is worth it. Doesn't matter anyway because the Filipinos have short memories.

If is a study will be done on how many soldiers died because of this couple's thievery, the figure could justify filing a case for genocide against Ligot and his wife.

On the other hand, I am also wondering why the spotlight is on Ligot when the primary reason for the senate investigations was the anomalously scandalous and scandalously anomalous plea bargaining agreement between the office of the ombudsman and the former AFP comptroller General Garcia.

What is happening to the carnapping syndicate case? (I'm just asking because it seems  that almost all the big headlines have been forgotten because of Ligot his limot.)

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