Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Captain Barbell and Imortal

When I saw Imortals' first episode on channel 2, I knew that the supernatural series would be supernaturally inane. The series was copied from the Twilight Series movies and Vampire Diaries TV series.  Is creativity and originality dead in the Philippines? At least they could have contextualized the series by using our very own myths about night creatures. My suggestion is “Aswangs versus Tibalangs.” At least, the concept is Filipino.

 Who cares anyway because we have the “Kapuso” versus the “Kapamilya”. A war much worse than the vampires versus werewolves.

The old new superhero series on channel 7 “Captain Barbell” is also a direct, facsimile and plagiarized photocopy of the US TV series Smallville. The only thing original in this series is the networks originality in pirating.  The superhero creator Mars Ravelo is the master of copying the American superheroes, yet there are people who have the nerve to nominate him as a national artist for graphic arts. I’m sorry, but copying other people’s ideas is not one of the criteria for national artist.

I sometimes think that the TV networks are banking on the theory that most Filipinos are not intelligent and that most of us do not think. I saw a scene from a Robin Padilla series and I was shocked that the scene was a tagalized version of the kidnapping scene in the Liam Neeson movie “Taken.” My daughter noticed this too, and she laughed. They must have thought that since the movie was not locally screened, it would not matter.

This is not good. There was a very big bruhaha when Manny Pangilinan gave a speech at an Ateneo Graduation. The audience realized that what they were hearing were other people's reworded speech. Of course Pangilinan took responsibility for the specch and even offered to resign as the Chairman of Ateneo's Board of Trustees. 

What I'm trying to say is, we have intellectual property rights. Of course, there are ways to cheat the rewording or rearranging... or even translating. I don't know because I ma not an expert... yet....

I think that its time…oooopppssss…Captain Barbell na pala….manunuood pa ako!

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