Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The nuclear reactor that exploded yesterday in Japan is a danger to us. Radiation leaks are containable and can be confined in a local area, but a nuclear explosion is something else. Though our government is giving us assurances that we will not be affected, still the threat of radiation being carried by the wind is still there. Who knows where the wind may blow next. Also, the threat of another explosion is imminent.

Although the Japanese authorities may give assurances that the situation is under control, the fact that the 7th US Navy Carrier Battle Group, which is helping in the rescue operation, kept a safe distance from the nuclear plant, shows that they must be expecting the worst.

The Japanese have had a bad experience with radiation. Japan is the only country that became victim of atomic bombings during the second world war. The memory of the sufferings due ro radiation poisoning is still fresh in their minds.

The Japanese are a very tough people. They are disciplined and a resilient. They are quite, perhaps the most, prepared country to deal with disasters especially earthquakes it just that the magnitude of this earthquake is beyond their current technology to deal with.

They will get over this disaster stronger and more prepared than ever.

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