Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I woke up this morning, and I was surprised because there were footprints in the house.
It was still dark, and I wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses, so I didn’t suspect anything. I thought that the glitters that my daughter was working with last night got stuck on her feet making the footprints. Idid not realized that someone had broken in the house while we were sleeping until my wife came down and asked me why the floor was muddied.

When I looked closer, I noticed that the footprints were made by muddy feet. I also noticed that footprints were small, maybe made by a child or a small person's feet. I followed the footprints to the TV where I put the digicam; the camera was gone. I then went to my study table where I put my wallet; my wallet was gone, and so was my mp3 player. My daughter's allowance, my wifes cash and pieces of jewelry were aslo taken. I also found out that the footprints entered my daughter’s room. That scared me.

My daughter’s bag was also missing. The thief got all the small items he could carry and then put them in my daughter’s bag and then took off. The amount of money taken was not that much, but what made me angry were the ID’s and atms in my wallet. I did not report to work because I had to file affidavit of losses for all of them. My whole day was wasted.

But the worst thing that happened was that we lost the feeling of security. We felt violated. My wife said she can’t sleep anymore.

My neighbors used to play cards near our gate, and whenever they were there I felt secured. But these last few days the poker table moved to another neighbor’s house. My security guards were not on duty. 

Anyway, the neighbors were also concerned because this could also happen to them.
I noticed that there were no tambays in the neighborhood today. I d not want to specualte...
Before, I had insomnia. I couldn’t sleep until two or three in the morning. But now that my insomnia was cured, this happened.

Our dog, Pampam...she's not doing her job! I'm thinking of buying a rottweiler or a german shepherd...naaaaa...too expensive to keep.

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