Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if preaching is doing any good to anyone. Its not that I have anything against preaching, it’s just that sometimes I feel tired doing it. Maybe it’s because I'm teaching now. Before, when I was not this occupied, I always look forward for my preaching schedule, but now...maybe it’s because everyday at school, I always feel that I am preaching instead of teaching, or in the church I sometimes feel like I’m teaching and not preaching...confusing.

One thing about preaching is I always have the feeling of being preached upon by myself because I feel that I cannot live up to what I’m preaching. Well, maybe nobody can live up to because God’s ideal is perfection. I have to remind myself that I am able to do things only because of God’s grace. Any shortcomings, it is God’s grace who will fill it up.

I am tired of teaching. I need silence and rest. Classroom noise is driving me nuts. I need to have a vacation and I want it now! Na…. just anticipating summer vacation. There are two weeks more before the end of classes, and I’m already imagining of the rest and recuperation that two months of summer vacation will do to me. I’m already planning to have a few days vacation in Baguio and maybe a week or two in Quezon Province with my wife’s family. Of course everything depends whether I could afford these vacations.

I miss the province. I miss the fresh air especially in Quezon because my in laws live near the sea. I also miss the mangoes and the fresh vegetables, also , the people are nice there, too. I also missed the silence. Especially during the night where the only noise I can hear are the insects "playing their soporific orchestra".

I also like to go around town riding in my briother in law's tricycle. Also I miss my nephews and nieces. Gulay....i am already in vacation mode.

Anyway…two weeks is a short time to wait.

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