Saturday, March 05, 2011

Justin Bieber's hair

I heard that Justine Bieber's lock of hair fetch 40, 000 US dollars. Its crazy. Why would anyone want to buy a lock of hair? For forty thousand dollars!

Maybe its the mystique. I heard that Manny Paquaio (okay, I saw it on the news) also had his hair cut. If I were the barber, I would have collected all Manny's hair and then put them in a plastic container and then had them signed and sealed by Pacquaio for posterity. Who knows maybe in the future Many's hair would cost a lot. Who knows maybe in the future when our country has aready advanced in the field of genetics and cloning, our politicians and our sports officials may want to clone Manny Pacquaio so that we could produce another world class boxer.

Why stop there? Imagine if Bata Reyes' barber also collected the billiard champion's hair. Maybe we could clone another billiard magician. How about Charice Pempengco's manicurist? Why I hope they are saving samples of her nails.


Anyway, its the relic mentality. This phenomenon (not Manny Pacquiao's Bieber haircut, I mean why would he had that haircut in the first place!) is not unusual. People have bought hair, bones, straws from the manger of our Lord that according to the experts...well...would make our Lord a very hairy person or would make his mangers a very big manger. Bones of saints, blood of heroes etc. People want a piece of the people they admire.

Maybe we can trace this back to the belief that if a person ate another person's brain, he also ingests the person's power or prowess. Maye eating Justin Bieber....hehehe. Anyway, he is a phenomenon and I just hope that Bieber would grow up to be a normal person. Teen stars usually have a very unhappy life, look at Michel Jackson.

Ahhh... shocks, what am I saying :-)

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