Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Headaches etc.

I think I’m suffering from caffeine withdrawal syndrome (or is that symptoms). I haven’t had any coffee for almost two days now and my head is starting to throb, my hands are shaking and my throat is a becoming dry, and I’m sleepy most of the time.
I don’t if I should drink coffee again but…Hmmmm…no coffee plus classical guitar music…sleep.

This morning I saw one butterfly smelling the flowers of my mother’s Suntans and I was thinking, “When was the last time I saw butterflies here in our neighborhood?” It seems that year after year butterflies are becoming a rarity here. It’s the flowers, the flowers here are disappearing.

Even the birds and the bats that used to nest in our house’ sanepa (the wood slab used to frame the tin roof) are now becoming scarce. When I was young, we used to catch bats by hitting them with wooden sticks while they feed on bananas. Now even banana trees are endangered plant specie here.

I want to move to the mountains.

I can live in a simple nipa hut in the mountains as long as there is electricity and plumbing and a computer and a TV and a radio and a VCD player (never mind the DVDs they’re expensive) and a guitar and an amplifier…hmmmm…I think I’ll just stay in my father’s, termite ridden, rat infested old house.

The memories will do.

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