Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This must be how jet lag feels like.

I wake up at around five thirty, take a bath, wear my uniforms, bring my daughter to the school; after that, I will be going to school myself. For almost two and a half months I got used to sleeping early in the morning and then waking up just before noon, eating, reading, a little house maintenance here and there, typing, guitar etc., all the things that a person who has no money does during their vacation. (It’s no use looking for summer jobs; I’m over qualified when it comes to age requirement) Now it’s school time and the sudden shift in my routine gave me headaches, made me sluggish, irritable, my stomach grumbles because it got used to breakfast at noon and lunch at dinner, no true breakfast. Now my stomach is asking for food every morning. I don’t like breakfast because I don’t want to wake up earlier. To compensate for this lack of food, my stomach is manufacturing gasses that will act as filler for the empty spaces that breakfast should have filled up. It’s difficult concentrating when gasses in your stomach are trying to ram through the back door. I can’t release them because I fear that these bubbles may carry some liquefied matter with them.

I'm in a different time zone now.

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