Friday, June 22, 2007

Callgirls and Callboys 2

I was surprised (not really surprised) when some of my classmates opened my blog and left comments there. Katrina said that I was a “sosyal” (socialite). I don’t know what made her say that because I have been going to school for four years now wearing the same set of uniform. My blue polo is now white (blame Tide and Ariel for that), my blue pants is beginning to show signs of disintegration. And the shoes that my mother bought from a drug addict who needed a score was so worn that my younger brother bought me a new pair so that I will be able to go to school with dignity this year.

Maybe it’s because of the picture (the PC was donated by my brother) and the way I write (I don’t even know if it’s writing at all.) Maybe when she read my blog I projected this image of…hmmmm…airiness and madness (lack of better term) and egotism and sarcastically atheistic nihilism that borders on the insane and inane and, and, and, the impropriety of terms, syntactical oddities etc.….I’m tired…I’m not “sosyal” wished I am one.

Vithel, one of my classmates, was affected by my post about call centers. She was hoping to land a job as a call center agent. That posts was a reaction to what these callboys and call girls did to me. Our campus is opposite a small shopping mall. There’s a pedestrian overpass connecting the mall to our campus. (It was a joke that we have two campuses, the mall and our rented building.) Anyway, I was entering the mall in my old uniform when I saw these call center people congregating near a smoking trash can whispering to each other. When I was approaching them, I heard them calling me “sir, sir, sir” when I looked back they all become silent, some keeping their selves from laughing at me. I have been subjected to this treatment from these call boys and call girls that I think it’s time I release something or else I might end up killing all of them. I had no way of getting back at them. All I can do is to write how I felt about them.\

Anyway I’m just quoting our English teachers when I called them callboys and call girls. “They are call boys and call girls because they work in a call center.” That was from that feisty little English instructor whom we all love Mommy Violeta “the Violator” Cano editorializing on the “whoring” of English teachers to call center agencies. Know how it is, even some of our instructors of English here in the campus dream of becoming callboys and call girls. We are losing competent English teachers because of call centers. If this tends continues who will suffer?

Teachers leaving teaching and the higher calling of public service for money and chain smoking and coffee and that aura of superiority of earning better money than teachers. Call me bitter Vithel but the Violator is right, they are call boys and call girls because they work in call centers. Period.

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