Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today was my first day in the structure of English class. As our instructor was lecturing on the common grammatical errors (she called these errors “heinous crimes”) committed by students and all the people in the world, I suddenly had the urge to open my blog, reread all that I had written there, check all the grammatical errors and correct them one by one. Nah, the committee in my head told me. Just stay put and do what you always liked to do, type words, sentences and paragraphs at random with the hope that with the amount of the inane things you have typed, there will come a time, because of overexposure, when you will be comfortable in English, both written and oral, that nobody can tell whether you’re a Filipino who grew up in America from a Filipino call center agent who grew up in the slum.

So the instructor was enumerating all these errors like tenses, enunciation, diction and impropriety, synonyms and stuffs that I know will only give me depression and prevent me from typing and all the while I was thinking…hmmmm…She’s right, correct practice makes perfect. Read, read, read, she shouted and I say amen to that.

I’ll try to remember these grammar rules for her sake. Why? I like the teacher. Period.

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