Friday, April 27, 2007


“…I am convinced that only when the church sets out to re-examine the relationship between Christ and a universe now grown fantastically immense and organic will she take up her conquering march again.”
Tielhard, p. 340

"Lastly, to put an end the fears of 'pantheism ' can we fail to see that, in the case of a converging universe ..., far from being born from the fusion and confusion of the elemental centres it assembles, the universal centre of unification (precisely to fulfill its motive, collective and stabilizing function) must be conceived as pre-existing and transcendent ?. ...For, if in the last resort, the reflective centres of the world are effectively ' one with God ', this state is obtained not by identification (God becoming all) but by the differentiating and communicating action of love (God all in everyone). And that is essentially orthodox and Christian."
The Phenomenon of Man

I just finished reading a biography of Tielhard de Chardin by Mary and Ellen Lukas. Tielhard is an interesting person. His scientific and theological trainings created in him a fusion of hmmm…science fiction like mysticism and theology. Anyway he’s one of those of people who are not satisfied with the anthropomorphic picture of God. I mean God for him is the "Omega Point".
Tielhard lived an interesting life. He was a paleontologist. He contributed greatly to that science. He is also a spiritual adventurer that contributed greatly to the thinking in theology especially with its relations to the natural sciences in particular evolution. He was persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church but his work survived. There are those who took him seriously and there are those who consider him an oddball (in a nice way of course).
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