Saturday, April 07, 2007

Summer Books

These are the (used) books I’m reading this summer.

1. Christian Theology by: Millard J. Erickson. This is my brother textbook during his seminary days; he is now a missionary in Thailand. I’ve been using this book as a reference for my bible doctrine study. But this summer I plan to read it from cover to cover. (I plan, I plan, I plan….)

2. Church Leadership by: Lawrence O. Richards and Clyde Hoeldtke. This is also one of my brother’s theology books.

3. The Norton Reader Ninth Edition edited by: Linda H. Peterson, John C. Brereton and Joan E. Hartman. I’ve been reading a few selections from this reader but this summer I plan to read more of the essays in the collection.

4. The Conscious Reader Second Edition edited by: Caroline Shrodes, Harry Finestone and Michael Shugrue. Essays collection from some of the best essay writers.

5. Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America Sixth Edition by: Leronne Bennet Jr. An eye opener. I always thought of black or Africans as a backward people (how ignorant and prejudiced of me, must be all those slave movies I saw). But I read in this book that there were African civilizations that used whites as slaves. Of course during those times slavery is not an issue of color but of spoils of war and this is the difference between the slavery practiced by blacks and the one practiced by the whites. A very good book.

6. Robert Frost Reader edited by: Edward Connery Lathem and Lawrence Thompson. I admit, I bought this book with the thought that it could add a “little” culture along with my eclectic collection of sci-fi, mystery, techno and what have you books in my shelf, but, I think this time I made a mistake. I can’t relate to most of the poems in here. But… it never hurts to try…poetry is an acquired taste…hmmmm…sleeping therapy?

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