Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meet the new Allergen

This is our new Rottweiler puppy, Alexis. (He Reminds me of Donald Sutherland.)

I don't know what it is with my brother, Why can't he just get one of those toy dogs like a Chuihuahua or a Shih Tzu or a rabbit or a rat...any animal that will not produce poop as humungous as a Rottweiler's.
We now have five dogs in our house; there are more canines than humans in there now.
And the sneezing continues unabated...


Jayred said...

Kamukha nga siya ni Donald Sutherland ano? LOL.

Five dogs, wow!

I'm asthmatic but I'm not allergic to dogs and cats. Pero I don't ahve a pet dog in Switzerland right now kasi bawal sa apartment block namin.

George said...

It's the eyes, I think.