Monday, April 02, 2007


My younger brother gave me money. What I did was go to my favorite mall, EVER GOTESCO MALL. (I like the mall because pirated CDs abound in there.) I paid our bills and then deposited some of the money to my account which is really my kuya's (older brother) account because that's where I deposit their meager savings, the rental from their house, of around twenty dollars a month. I was thinking of buying shirts; but then, I was magnetized by my favorite second hand bookstore. New title just arrived and I was rummaging thorugh them when I found a copy of a Jonathan Swift Collection and a Robert Frost reader. I am not a classic literature buff; in fact, I think of these books as the best and most effective cure for insomnia, but as a future teacher I must read some of this stuff even just thinly so that I will not be, I hope, caught by surprise by well read students. (My course is elementary education but I have plans to go into teaching college students too.)

I was weighing whether I will buy the Swift collection or the Frost reader. I can't buy both because I have a very small budget. It's a difficult choice. It's like choosing between an asthma attack and a rhinitis attack, or like eating bitter gourd as against eating burnt rice. I mean, who reads a classic? Twain is right: "A classic is a book that everyone hopes...." , dang, I forgot the classic quote.

Anyway I need a little poetry and culture: Frost it is, and Swift is the book not taken.

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