Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sleep Jolts

Once in a while, in my sleep, there are times when I would be jolted from my slumber, for no apparent reason, no dream or nightmare. I would be roused from the bed; and, I would look around me, look at my wife and daughter, look at myself and just try to place everything at their places, try to focus is what I mean. Then I would feel my wife, feel my daughter, feel myself, feel the bed and feel the wall of the room, in the dark, just try to feel solid things and try to find out if I’m awake--if everythings real.

I know this is strange, but sometimes this happens to me. The sensation is akin to déjà vu but the difference is not the feeling of recurrence but the feeling of detachment. It’s like déjà vu in the way that one tries to place the experience from prior experience; and there is the similarity, in trying to place the experience but not finding and placing the experience because the experience is that of detachment and not of recurrence. It’s like waking up in a different room--like being jolted awake in a different but familiar room. Of course when this happens, I can’t go back to sleep, and I lie awake through the night trying to think of what happened, the jolting.

In these experiences there were no fear or trembling, none. But what I experienced were sensations of disbelief belief, like what I felt after watching a movie that is so realistic that when I leave the cinema, I will not be surprised to meet the characters face to face on the street, but somewhere in your mind you know the movie’s fiction but there’s so much realism in there that you won’t be surprised if you experience it to be real. So, I try to check whether everything’s real.

Or, maybe, just maybe, these jolts are when different branches of realities diverge and there’s a convergence of experience between one branch and the other infinite number of branches of realities…there’s a point of contact at split-sub-atomic nano-second that makes experience detached and deja vu like…two veins of the multi-verse touching…in this universe…

Too much science fiction
Too much science fiction
Too much science fiction

Too much coffee.

But, I think I’m not the only one who experiences these jolts.


Anonymous said...

YES!! finally someone else that has it. When i take naps, I almost always wake up jolting or like kicking my leg. its weird

GyZ said...

Hiho! I don't know if you are familiar with the subject of astral projection, AKA out of body experiences or OBEs, but 10 out of 9 articles on the topic will inform you that these jolts have a tendency to occur when the spirit/soul decides to "land back" into the physical body, but did not yet learn how to make a calm transition.

Rough landings cause jolts. A decent luscious soul should have some quality weight to it after all, no?