Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just thinking out loud

“In the magnificent cathedral the Honorable and right Reverend Geheime-General-Oberhof-Pradikant, the elect favorite of the fashionable world, appears before an elect company and preaches, with emotion, upon the text which he himself elected: “God hath elected the base things of the world and the things that are despised”—and nobody laughs.


One of the difficulties in biblical doctrinal study is the antithesis between predestination and election and freewill. Predestination and election is a fact that we can’t help but accept because of the very nature of God—Omniscient and omnipotent. Freewill is also a fact that we can’t help but accept because of the very nature of humanity—depravity and accountability. The conflict is well defined: how can humanity be accountable if everything’s predestined; how can God be God if he is not in control of everything etc.

I have seen many pastors during bible studies tackle the paradox and it’s not a pretty sight—either they get stumped for a week or they just try to avoid the conflicting doctrines.

The problem is logic, the “either or” method of harmonizing the doctrines.

We can learn a lot from the oriental non-logical (not illogical) way of thinking.

All those Zen stuffs…(Just thinking out loud!)

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