Saturday, December 03, 2016

Ever the SM and why I even bother with this post...

I feel a sense of loss when this facade was changed to the
blue and grey color of SM malls. I don't why this place did
not make money but the moment the place opted to allow
trinkets sellers and pirated stuff vendors inside the mall
it became the air conditioned tiangge which sells stuffs you
are not supposed to find in malls.
I have been reading a lot of rants and grunts about the traffic in Ortigas Extension nearing junction Cainta. The object of the hatred is the newly opened SM east Ortigas. The place used to be Ever Gotesco Ortigas but it did not make money so SM bought the place and renovated it to the SM east Ortigas Mall.

Now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's wrong here. In fact, my dog could very well figure out the culpas here (I'm not talking about the whote stuff found inside the foreskin of the male genitalia here, I'm referring to the faults).

Go figure!
Ortigas Avenue has been widened to eight lanes (I think) four on each side. The widening was done to ease the traffic jams and to accommodate the growing number of vehicles in Rizal. Since most of the remaining acreage in the province has been converted into residential subdivision and industrialized zones add the growing numbers of squatters (or to be PC, informal settlers) that migrate to the province due to its growing industry and proximity to Metro Manila and what you have is what you got. 

I like the old Ever Gotesco facade.
But the road widening stopped at the Cainta, Junction. The eight lane road is connected to a two lane that then branch out into the  ortigas extension and the Bonifacio Avenue leading to downtown Cainta, the bottle neck. And the rest is a classic case of cause and effect.

Anyway, when Ever Gotesco closed shop, the traffic eased up a little bit. Aside from the vehicles going in and out of the mall, there was also a significant decrease in pedestrian traffic. But now that SM East Ortigas is now operating, the bottkeneck plus the private vehicles going in and out of the mall, plus the pedestrian traffic, add the jeepney terminals that automatically pops up in malls, what we have is what we got.

Anyway, I propose a very simple solution, let's stop going to SM malls because in the end our patronage keeps this traffic generators in business. I mean, to think that we promote Henry Sy as a business guru and yet his business is doing this to us, the amount of pollution, lost time, stress, materialism etc. is it all worth it? Shetland.


Vince said...

A better solution is to create jobs in the provinces with competitive salary. In that way, migration to Manila area will decrease a lot and will not be congested anymore. It's best to live in provinces if you have good paying jobs. Lower cost of living, and a WAAAY lot less traffic. Not to mention, the fresh air. :)

Han Loren said...

Check out the new Clover leaf Mall in Balintawak.