Thursday, January 22, 2009


I secured a copy of Natural Church Development from my younger sister. I showed it to our church's Sunday school head but she thinks its too technical for some of our layman pastor. She suggested that we simplify it. Anyway, I am looking for help on how to make it accessible. I am looking for websites.


Vince said...

This book is not complicated... only complicated to those who are lazy and don't want to learn nor don't want to see the real picture of their church. I strongly suggest that you pursue studying this book and try to conduct the survey under Philippine Challenge. It will cost you something for that survey coz it's not free, but with that survey, you will really see if your church is a growing church or your church is already stagnant, or if it is dying. Number is never a measure of a growing church.

Knowing the principles of NCD will open your eyes as ministers in dealing with the real problems in ministry.

I was able to teach these principles to my outreach pastors here in Leyte who just have a grade 2 level of education. They understood it and they are applying it. It's a shame to a church who will claim that they cannot understand the principles especially if your church have educated leaders.

Tsk... sometimes, people just want to stop learning... too bad for Christians. What to do you think?

Vince said...

PS.... We've already taken the survey. And we were able to deal with our weaknesses. This is one of the reasons why our church grows significantly....

George. said...

sorry i was late replying, i did study and i found the principles simple. Its just that some are scared of technical terms used in the book.

Anyway, I'm trying to use it but I'm just an assistant pastor so I don't know if can make them see the necessity of adopting a more orderly and empirical approach to the ministry.

Its the fear of change...I think.