Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RA 7610

I taught Republic Act 7610to my pupils yesterday. RA 7610 is the law protecting children against abuse and child labor. I had the pupils memorize the law.

I was just joking but I told my pupils to cite the law against their parents if their parents threaten them with spanking. The whole class were smiling. It's a gremlin like smile.

This morning I asked the class what happened when they cited the law. One pupil was smiling at me and told me that it worked. His mother did not spank him but she did hit him in the head with her palm (lovngly he told me).

Another told me that her father just smiled.

Another told me that his father threatens to spank him with a G.I. pipe if he cites another law.

And now my puipls are citing RA 7610 against us teachers.

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