Thursday, January 29, 2009

Government Agencies According to my Grade 3 Pupils

We discussed government agencies responsible for providing services in health, disaster and social welfare in civic class. I gave a fill in the blanks for my recall quiz and I told the class that who ever finished their work early can take their recess early. So they tried their best to fill in the blanks as fast and as correctly as they can. Some of my pupils’ answer got me laughing so hard that I thought I was going to fart.

I am not making fun of my pupils, what I’m trying to show is their creativity in answering the quiz. I used to do this during my grade school days too; I invent.

Here are some of them:

Fill in the blanks.

DND- Department of _______________________ (Defense)

Some of the answers I got are:

Department of Decoration

Department of National Development (Hmmmmm…logical may I say.)

NDCC- National Disaster ______________ Council. (Coordinating)

National Worker Coordination (Where did that came from….)

National Development Coordinating Council (Very Good!)

National Dark Coordinating Council

National Department Coordinating Creator (Hmmmmm….)

NHA- National _________________ Authority (Housing)

National ATM Authority (Very Good!)

National Health Authority

National Housing Authornity

Pag-IBIG- Pagtutulungan sa kaunlaran, ____________, ___________,
Industriya at Gobyerno. (Ikaw, Bangko)

Pagtutulungan, Insurance, Bank, Intrinity, Government, Industriya at

Pagtutulungan sa kaunlaran Isda, Bahay, Industriya at Gobyerno

Pagtutulungan sa Kaunlaran Isda, Balbas, Industriya at Gobyerno.

HUDC- Housing and Urban ______________ Council (Development)

Housing and Urban Doctor Commission

Housing and Urban Department Coordination


Jayred said...

The PAG-IBIG part was simply hilarious! Hahahaha!

Isda? Balbas? Intrinity? LOL

George. said...

reminds me of myself when i was a gradeschool pupil. Teaching these pupils is like riding on a ferris moment you love them the next minute you hate them...but its really humbling to see them hugging or apologizing to me after I vent out all my irritation at them...children are nice although sometimes I had to call on all my powers and prayers just to keep myself from throwing them out the window...he,he,he (just exaggerating :-)

Jayred said...

I know that are having a great time teaching, despite the makukulit students. :-)

I hope one day, I'll be a full-fledged teacher in RP or in a frontier mission field. It's such a noble profession. Very fulfilling ano.

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