Thursday, January 15, 2009

My PC's Down again!

I was playing a game in my computer when I noticed that the video was slowing down. I didn't take it seriously since the (ehemmmm hope there's no copy rights police here) OS that I am using is a pirated copy. So glitches and bugs are just normal problems that I encounter with my PC. Ussually I solve this by restarting.

As I was playing the game, I got irritated so I shot down the computer and just went to sleep. This afternoon when I came home from work, I opened my computer and I waited for the beeping sound. No sound!

All my work is in there, a draft for sunday's sermon, test items for my pupils, music for our choir, midi files, etc. My gulay.

I went to my friends computer shop and he said that he will repair it tomorrow.

It's difficult, very difficult without my computer. I was thinking of handwriting...but I got used to typing that I don't know how to write long hand anymore ...


Jayred said...

I hope they will not reformat your computer so you will not lose your very important files. Naku, I can relate to this post. I've been there before. Hope and pray your computer will be repaired soon! You need it because of your work, ministry, and blogging. :-)

George, got to read your comment on XF, thanks. Funny, just when I was thinking last night of resurrecting it from the dead. :) Maybe that was a sign from the Lord? I'll try to blog there again, come February. Salamat uli for that comment.

Achtung ba yung Freitag? Hahaha. Well, hope not. Jolly J! is a lighter read, I guess.

George. said...

My PCs Ok na. He, he, he

I don't even know what achtung means. Nababasa ko lang iyon sa mga imported na gamit galing Germany
:-) Parang "warning" or "danger"... he, he...It's good na babalik na ang XF.

Vince said...

I think you have to see your video card or ram. Try to take it out and then put it back again.. minsan ganun lang, lumuluwag... nangyari na sa akin yan minsan. But it turned out fine na ngayon. Minsan maluwag lang.:)

Anonymous said...

Tito Goerge baka nag overheat yung video card habang nag lalaro ka kaya ganyan..

Anyways What game you playing? 0_o

George. said...

Thanks for the tips Ptr. Vince and Kuya Jared. Hehehehe...I was playing warcraft.

Anonymous said...

Warcraft 0_o 1? 2? or 3?
or world of warcraft?