Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel like a Daddy!

Posing with my classmates as we line up for our lunch during our student teacher enhancement seminar. As you can see, there are very few men/male who take elementary education here in the Philippines, eighty percent of my classmates are beautiful ma'ams.

With Michelle the bunso (youngest or should I say the cutest) of the class. I am very proud of my classmates. I can't help but feel emotional because a few months from now we will be on our own as teachers amd I will be missing how they make fun of me. Four years of being the Kuya and Daddy to these wonderful human beings and now we'll be spread across the province of Rizal for our practice teaching. My gulay, what an emotional moment.

Posing with the campus mothers: The lady in yellow, the one with the glasses is the mother of the campus Mrs. Violeta T. Cano, the Dean of the Institute of Education. She has been teaching for more than three decades now. As a testament to her dedication and staying power, the University President and the Campus Chancellor were her former students and it's wonderful how they acknowledge Mommy Cano whenever they give speeches. Besides Mommy Cano is the Cluster II Director for Student Development (I forgot her name!) and the Cluster II Campus Chancellor Dr. Reneecillia Paz-de Leon.


We felt like brave soldiers being commissioned for battle.

I love my humble school.


Jayred said...

Ang saya naman. I got to watch the video in your other blog. Ang galing ng classmate mo in imitating how Kris Aquino talks. LOL

George said...

OO nga eh, fuuny talaga itong mga batang ito.