Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barber Talk

When I entered the barbershop, I heard two barbers having a passionate discussion about Manny “the National Fist” Pacquaio.

First Barber: “How can they make Manny a hero? Heroes don’t get paid! Heroes don’t gamble! Heroes don’t have extra marital affairs; heroes don’t punch people because of road rage…etc.”

Second Barber: “He is called a hero because he brought honor to the country!”

First Barber: “Since when did hurting other people become honorable?”

Second Barber: “He is a hero because everybody admired him!”

First barber: “That’s wrong! That’s why I tell my children not to admire Manny.”

Third Barber: “He is a hero because he can knock people down!” He is a punching hero!”

First Barber: “ What is happening to the Filipinos?! Ninoy Aquino is a hero because he died for the country, so is Rizal, Bonifacio…these people are heroes not Pacquaio.

Fourth Barber: “Relax. You can teach your children not to admire Manny as a hero but you can’t do anything about other people who admire Manny as a hero!”

Second barber: “This is a democracy!”

First Barber: “See what kind of people admires Pacquaio! You even have the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines in the ringside….and then being interviewed…look at them…there’s senators congressmen etc.

Second Barber: “That’s politics…”

My barber finished the haircut shaved the hairs on my napes and patilyas (or sideburns). I paid the barber and left the shop. As I close the door, the barbers are still discussing Pacquaio. I can only wonder where the discussions will go next.

(Manny Pacquaio is being hailed as a national hero. This is sad because we all know that its just a marketing ploy.)

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