Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I slipped off my flip-flops and walked barefoot on the pavement. People were smiling, some of them were shaking their heads and some were just pretending that they were not looking at me. No, I didn’t go crazy or something, I am just experimenting and trying out what I heard from a lecture in our reflexology class (part of our non-formal education course).

The instructor was discussing pressure points and nerve endings and all those stuffs about reflexology. To tell the truth I am not that interested with reflexology, so I’m just being polite and pretended that I’m taking down notes. I have nothing against the instructor; it’s just that the subject was boring. But then the instructor discussed the history of reflexology and she mentioned how the people from the earlier times especially the American Indians were healthier than the people today because the people from the earlier times wore no shoes while the people today wear shoes. She said that according to the textbook, the gravel and the soil and the branches that the early people stepped on stimulated nerve endings on their bare feet thus activating nerve points that stimulates the inner organ and stimulates the release of hormones and making them healthier—the predecessor of today’s reflexology

Naahh….I don’t know if such claim can be scientifically proven i.e. people who walk barefoot live longer than people who wear shoes or slippers. Experience tells otherwise, when I was a child I almost died of tetanus (not really almost died of tetanus, truth is I almost died of panic becuase of my mother's shriek and shouting and yelling and calling on the neighbors for help) when I accidentally stepped on a rusty nail. One of my friends was walking barefoot when a dog poop almost killed him. He accidentally stepped on the poop, lifted his foot, looked at it when he lost his balance and almost fell headfirst. I remember my mother telling me that worms enter the blood stream through the pores of the feet. That’s why I grew up with the thinking that walking barefoot is not good.

Anyways…I was curious so I tried walking barefoot. To tell the truth, it felt good.

I was wondering if walking barefoot on fire can be considered a super duper reflexology…I mean it can not only stimulate the nerve, it can stimulate everything!. It also simulates hell…nahhh.

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