Saturday, October 27, 2007

Barangay Blah, blah

The Baranggay Election is over and after the ballots were counted, our incumbent barangay captain, a distant relative of mine, lost the election. Personally, I don’t care who wins the election because for me politicians are all the same—they are all alike. But today I felt sadness, not for the losing candidate but for the supporters of the losing candidate. Majority of our barangay’s employee came from our place; this is not surprising because our captain grew up here. So when the news got around that he lost, I could feel my neighbor’s gloom because their jobs are co-terminus with the captain. They are now jobless.

Sad.I have been sneezing violently lately because Tamia our Labrador gave birth to eight (two died after a few days) cute, gorilla like puppies. Haaayyyy…no matter how cute these puppies are they will always be a torture for me. Anyway, my brother will be disposing (sell) them after a few months.


Joey said...

Natalo pala si Ger. Was he confident of winning. Sayang, I like the guy. It was good to have a Brgy. Captain who claims to be a relative albeit distant.

George said...

He lost. He alienated a lot of people sa kasi sinolo niya lahat ng contracts!