Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cofee talk

One of my childhood friends came by to borrow our celphone charger. I haven’t had a talk with my buddies for a long time, so I asked him to sit for a cup of coffee (no, not beer…) and a little reminiscing to go with it. We talked about our childhood and all the adventures and misadventures that we did then.
Talking to a childhood friend is like talking with a brother, there’s sincerity especially if you really knew the person. It’s an honest to goodness conversation and then I realized that I missed it, the chatting. Although my friends lived only a few meters away from our house yet family and work created distance.

I asked my friend this, “What do you think if I became a pastor?” My friend laughed! I laughed. My wife laughed too. We all laughed. My friend looked at me and told me, “Knowing you, my friend, I can’t think of you being anything but the old George.” No, I’m not hurt or anything because he's just being honest.
“Why, did I not change?” I said. My friend looked at me and said that he has seen a lot of changes in me it’s just that he knows me too well; he knew of the things that I did. My friend can’t imagine me being holy or something. Well at least he’s being honest about it.

It’s been along time since I had a talk with my childhood buddies and its getting rarer and rarer by the year. We’re thinking of having a reunion. We are all now in our thirties and it’s funny because of what we all became. Two are engineers, one is a former drug user and is now a policeman, one became a pastor and is now out of the closet gay, one a former logistics manager and now a bum, one a former contractor who married an OFW nurse and is now living a pensioned life, one became a bus conductor, and I am the oddity of all the oddities, I became a student.

My life has been full of ironies. I hate school and now I’m going to be a teacher…hmmm. I laughed at being a pastor and yet I am teaching music, Sunday school and I am even preaching in the church. My gulay , I sometimes think that God is humoring me (I meant that in a nice way of course).


Jayred said...

Parang you make it sound na bad boy ka dati, George. Mala Robin Padilla ba? LOL

George said...

He, he, he no naman. Mabarkada lang at maraming mga kalokohan...he, he,he. It's complicated.