Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday Schools and those strange feelings

My first PowerPoint presentation about Sunday School went well, I think. Last Sunday, I concluded the series on Sunday school and in the next sessions we maybe proceeding to other areas of Sunday school work that needs attention, like teaching and counseling. I pray that this will be a consistent activity. Maybe next time we will be having other resource person from the group. It’s a strange feeling lecturing people who are more able than me.

My first men’s Sunday school class, I think, also went well. The class asked me to discuss doctrinal stuffs so I started the Bible doctrinal lesson series with the study on revelation. I discussed general revelation and special revelation etc. I am apprehensive because theology uses technical language and the members of my class are from diverse profession and with different educational level, so the difficulty is the language. Anyway, I thought they would sleep on me while I droned on with the lecture but the discussion and the sharing went well.

Teaching these things is dangerous, I believe. The danger is that I may turn these people into theologs…he, he, he…

Anyways, the class is composed of more mature and stronger Christians than I am. So, but, hmmmm…but I still have…I don’t know…I enjoy theology and a little philosophy and I also enjoy teaching them but…hmmmmm…dangerous.

Pray, reflect, meditate and be careful and be very sensitive to the leadings of the H.S….

It’s a strange feeling teaching things about things I once hated. Strange.

Next lesson: The scriptures. I think they will like this topic.

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