Friday, July 06, 2007

F4 and those Never Ending Meteor Garden Reruns and Why I sometimes Contemplate Committing Suicide by Bashing my Head with the TV

I don’t know if this is real. I don’t know if this is the work of some genius malignant, insidious super political villains bent on turning all the Filipinos into a walking, drooling Pavlov’s dog like creature mesmerized into thinking that their existence depends on the ringing of bells and TV reruns, salivating, howling, barking asking for more and more, conditioned to respond to stimuli, conditioning my countrymen and women to vote for political reruns the likes of politicians who always got re-elected despite the fact that these politicians looked like mad scientists bent on destroying the environment and the Filipinos……la…la…blah…blah…blah…

Wake up my countrymen and women! Wake up! The prophecies are coming true. The science of subliminal suggestion is now at the level that can only be imagined by science-fiction writers a few years back. These prophets, science fiction writers, have seen things before they happen. They are gifted by with a foresight that only caffeine and lack of sleep can provide. Jules Verne, the father of science fiction, has prophesied travels underwater and on the moon and now we have underwater stations and space stations. H.G. Wells has written about food of the Gods and now we have Promils, food for the gifted child. How about D.F, Jones and his colossus computer, now we have the internet? The late Isaac Asimov, in his Foundation Trilogy, has written about a prophet, a savior who once in a while pops up in a computer screen (hologram) in times of crisis to guide humanity on the challenges and problems that they will be facing and heavens…(sign of the cross)…could this man be Bill Gates?

I read a sci-fi short story a couple of years ago; I forgot who the writer was, but the story was about TV. It’s an old sci-fi story, times when TV was not that influential. The character in the story came back from the mountains and upon his return he was surprised to find the destruction, the corruption and the deterioration in the environment and the people—bleak world. When he entered a bar he found the people happy in a dazed like manner looking at a giant TV screen. He went outside and looked at the people; they were oblivious to their condition. Then he looked at the TV, looked at the people, shook his head and went back to the mountains. (This is how I remember the story.)

This is happening now. I have the feeling that some powerful Filipino mad scientist and malignous politician is trying to liquefy the minds of the Filipinos. I haven’t done any serious TV watching for long time and one morning, I heard from the TV that there will be another re-run of Meteor Garden. This means that I will be hearing those alien songs again! (Waccchingchong cha hay dimmm) My daughter was two years old when this chinovela was first aired on Philippine TV and then there were many reruns, and now there is another rerun in another channel. Some evil mind is behind this. The youth will once again be numbed to the happenings around their community and their country because most of them will spend their time fantasizing about love and romance and looking at the sky trying to find meteors.

This is not an isolated case. Reruns abound in Philippine TV. A Rosy Life, All About Eve, Marimar (an adaptation), Betty la Fea, Full House etc.

Wake up my countrymen and women, wake up.

(Dosemuh wahay wa waching….) In the name of Odin and all the fatalist gods of Valhalla there’s that song again!.....Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This kind of TV programming is in preparation for the coming election. Haven’t my countrymen and women noticed this?

My gulay and vegetable please see the pattern!

I’m afraid that the time will come when the people in prisons, in mental asylums, the rebels in the mountains, people isolated from TV will be the only sane people left sane in the country--people who we all think are evil and insane.

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