Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jose Rizal and me

The study of the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, RP’s National Hero, is a required course in college. I’m in my senior year now and whether I like it or not, I have to take the subject. It’s a good thing that our instructor has a more appropriate approach on the subject, she meets us only once a week for discussion and evaluation; the other days was spent on reading and writing essays about Rizal’s life. A far better approach than torturing students with reports on the life of Rizal (a very boring subject) without anybody listening, might as well evaporate the student to smithereens. Of course this approach is more difficult for the instructors since it is they who will read all the essays and grade them.

Anyway, I am elected by my classmates to write the script for Rizal the play, our final requirement. The prelim is almost over and I still can’t think of when and where to start.

Funny thing is I learn to read by reading Rizal’s childhood biography “Nung Bata pa si Rizal”. This is through the coaching of my eldest sister. All my life I thought reading was inborn because when I entered school I can already read. According to my eldest sister, I learn to read at the age of three (or four). A testament, not of my reading ability, but of my sister’s teaching ability. My eldest sister is now a principal of a small Baptist elementary school in Alaminos, Pangasinan,

I wished I saved the book lots of memories in there.


Jayred said...

Wow, you learned how to read at age 3? Or 4? Impressive.

I think I got around to reading texts only when I was 7. I remember my Mom htting me on the head many times when I couldn't read my textbook at age 6. So napilitan magbasa ako at age 7. LOL. Now, I'm an avid reader.

All the best to you as your write the script for the Rizal play. I used to write scripts for skits/plays in school. I kinda miss it after reading your post.

George said...

OO kasi ang ate natiyaga magturo.Saka bukid noon ang lugar namin kaya bahay lang talaga kami nung maliliit pa:-)