Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Subconscious Expression

Sometimes…err… most of the times I write in a conscious- subconscious mode (I don’t know if that makes sense). That is, I sit in front of the computer, type anything I can think of, anything, and then just let it flow (I have this fantasy that I’m Doogie Howser M.D. making entries in my computer log) and sometimes some sense come out and sometimes nothing comes out but words and words. I don’t think of any topic to write, although sometimes I do write for a specific purpose and theme. Okay to cut the story short, this process sometimes brings out my conscious-subconscious negative thoughts.

Unfortunately I can’t help it and that is specifically became the purpose of this blog—to air those energies. I know some posts here are offensive and some are just plain non-sense while some are good (according to my brother).

Our resident pastor reads this blog and when I found out that he does, I told him to be…err…not to pay attention to some posts about worship, church and theology. I mean…he’ll think very differently of me. Of course I dare not ask our senior pastor if he was reading this blog because I don’t want him to read this blog because if he do read this blog and found out some posts are about his preaching and his Sunday school lessons (every first Sunday of the month he teaches in the men’s Sunday school)…If he found out that I’m being irreverent… I’m dead. I mean not literally dead, just dead as in dead…hmmm…like…he’s not only our senior pastor; he’s also my uncle. (I meant that in a nice way, of course.)


Anonymous said...

I don't tell the people who know me personally about the existence of my expat blog (well, except some few close friends in Manila). Anonymity kasi breeds (total) honesty.(I remain anonymous kasi baka mabasa ng mga in-laws ko ang mga entries ko about Switzerland...hehehe. Wala pa naman silang sense of humor, baka ma-offend).

George said...

You're right. Kasi you have to think of your audience which is not what blogging is all about. I think.

Joey said...

When I started blogging, I thought it was a way of making yourself known... hehehe. Ngayon, I have to be careful kasi baka mabasa ng mga kasama kong mga Amerikanong misyonero dito, baka ma offend din. Nung una ok lang, pero nung medyo lumalabas na sa google ranking yun blog, yung mga kano, e sinasabi na sa akin, nakita daw nila yung blog ko. Buti na lang di nila nabasa yung earlier posts.

Remaining anonymous I think would be better. Kaya lang kasi community of theology bloggers most of them reveal who they are and what they are doing. So, i guess i just want to return the favor.