Thursday, July 05, 2007

Morning sickness and history

I was woken rudely by my daughter asking me to bring her to school. I hate mornings; mornings make me sick; I feel nauseated, and hazed as if I had taken ten tablets of Benadryl AH. Anyway, I’m trying not to go back to our papag (cot). I have nothing to talk about in this blog because I’m a little busy, hmmmm…not really that busy but the anxiety of school zapped the typing energy out of me. I haven’t read any good books; in fact I haven’t read anything except a few glances at Jose Rizal’s, the Philippines’ national hero, biography. I am not a Rizal guy; I am a Bonifacio guy. Bonifacio is the founder of the Katipunero, the revolutionary movement that fought the Spaniard and was later executed by his fellow revolutionaries. He is my national hero. The problem is that Filipinos think that having a genius national hero like Rizal will make them a genius. (No, I’m being mean again!) There will always be controversy surrounding Rizal’s selection as the country’s national hero because in the first place the guy was really not a revolutionary he is more of an assimilationist (I don’t know if that’s the right word). He wants equality with Spain and not independence.

Anyway, I can’t do anything about it except accept the fact that even in selecting national heroes the Filipinos like branded goods. Rizal was a genius, surgeon, writer, magician, humorist, philosopher etc. –reminds me of Lex Luthor.

I like my heroes to be simple guys, like Bonifacio, a warehouseman during the day and a brave revolutionary organizer and soldier at night, like Superman.

(Must be that darned pirated CD of the movie Superman Returns.)

Anyways, Teodoro Agoncillo (The historian who is pro-Bonifacio. Just look at the cover of his book”The History of the Filipino People” and you’ll know what I mean) is a better writer of history than Gregorio Zaide (Rizal’s biographer).

I Hope I will not be sued.

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