Thursday, July 12, 2007


Every year there’s people building drainage, every year and the most mind boggling thing is they do this during the rainy season, they do all the diggings during the rainy season when school’s on and the rain is on. Where are the tomatoes of these government people?

Why don’t they just build one giant drainage system under the road and save money and traffic with all these seasonal diggings?

Why don’t they lay the pipes before paving and concreting the road?

Our roads are like a motocross track. There are humps. There are big holes because when the road was repaved, the engineers didn’t cover the hatches of the utility companies underground lines, so what you have are dangerous crater like depression that can throw unknowing motorcycle riders to their deaths, or destroy a car’s suspension system.

Our electrical posts looked like black spaghettis because of the amount of wires in them.

My friend said that it is in inefficiency that government people get rich. Imagine if there will be no diggings, no maintenance, and no calamities where would our Satanist politicians get their kickbacks? (Not all of our politicians are Satanist, some are comedians, some are athletes foot, some are dancers, there are also atheists and some are good Christians.)

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