Friday, May 11, 2007

Walk Talk

I was on my brother’s motorbike on my way home from my walking when I saw this young man in dirty clothes carrying what looks like a baby. When I got near him, it was a baby wrapped in dirty clothing. I looked at him and he looked back at me intensely. Maybe that’s how I looked at him, intensely; that’s why he looked back at me intensely too. Well, anyway I looked at him that way because of the baby he was carrying. I don’t know…

One afternoon my daughter and I picked up my wife from work on my brother’s bike. We then went for our afternoon walk. My daughter got thirsty so what I did was to ride the bike to buy water from store. I was traveling 60 kmh on the highway when I felt something hot on my neck. I stopped; I realized that a kite’s string was on my neck, choking me. The speed of my travel made the string sharp like a knife cutting through the skin of my neck. Now I had a small scar on my neck like someone tried to slash it.
The kids flying the kite on the other side of the highway looked at me with me concern, I felt my face grew hot with anger but the wind cooled it. Anyway, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just the strings of the kite is not an ordinary strings, it’s the kind of string they use to stitch shoes.

There was one time when I picked up my wife from work and then we took our afternoon walk. People were looking at her because she was wearing a high heeled leather shoes. I saw how uncomfortable she was so what I did was to lend her my flip flops. People were looking at me because I was walking barefoot. Today, whenever I pick her up from work for our afternoon walk, I make sure that I have her rubber shoes in my brother’s bike’s utility box.

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